Jay Rahim


Past Role: Organizer

I went to Durham School of the Arts and will be attending Barnard and Columbia with a major in Journalism and Sociology in Fall 2021. I am extremely passionate about environmental racism and fighting the school to prison pipeline. I’ve also worked with organizations such as Made in Durham and the Youth Justice Project. I love to paint, write poetry, and practice yoga on the the days that I feel like it. 

Isabelle Lee


Past Role: Logistical Coordinator

I’m a Senior at Durham School of the Arts, and I’m passionate about environmental stewardship, social justice, and being outside. Apart from DYCJI, I’m a member of the Made in Durham Youth Network and Sunrise Durham, and I work a lot with Don’t Waste Durham. Pre-COVID, I managed a middle school lunchroom composting program at my school. I love running, backpacking, and traveling, and I dislike animal products or small dogs.

Annabeth Jones


Past Role: Outreach Coordinator

I’m a senior at Jordan High School. I am passionate about climate justice and education. I am also a member of the Sunrise Movement. In my free time I love to swim, read classic literature, and watch documentaries.

Eva Flowe


Past Role: Communications Coordinator

I am a senior at Riverside high school. I am planning to attend college for journalism next year. I am also a part of the Made in Durham youth network.

Zora Deberry


Past Role: Organizer

I am a sophomore at Jordan high school. I am interested in climate activism because of its intersection with issues of race and class.